UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Technology Management

Department of Technology Management
Phelps Hall 1332
Telephone (805) 893-5133
Email: tmp@tmp.ucsb.edu
Website: www.tmp.ucsb.edu

Chair: Kyle Lewis
Vice Chair: Gary Hansen

Matt Beane, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Assistant Professor (technology and work, deviance, AI and robotics, learning)
Karen Bogart, Continuing Lecturer
John Bowers, PhD, Stanford University, Professor (high-speed photonic and electronic devices and integrated circuits, fiber optic communication, semiconductors, laser physics and mode-locking phenomena, compound semiconductor materials and processing) Joint Appointment: ECE MATRL
Jill Feldman, Continuing Lecturer
Guy Gabriele, Continuing Lecturer
John Greathouse, MBA, Wharton, Continuing Lecturer
Gary Hansen, PhD, University of Michigan, Associate Professor (technology management, strategic management and commercialization)
Paul Leonardi, PhD, Stanford University, Professor (organizational, innovation, technology management, distributed collaboration)
Kyle Lewis, PhD, University of Maryland, Professor (organizational behavior, science and technology teams, innovation)
Nelson Phillips, Professor
Renee Rottner, PhD, UC Irvine, Lecturer SOE (innovation management, science and technology studies, and entrepreneurship)
Jessica Santana, Assistant Professor
Mary Tripsas, Professor
Bob York, PhD, Cornell University, Professor (high-power/high-frequency devices and circuits, quasi-optics, antennas, electromagnetic theory, nonlinear circuits and dynamics, microwave photonics) Joint Appointment: ECE

Emeriti Faculty
Stephen Barley, PhD, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dave Seibold, PhD, Michigan State University

Affiliated Faculty
Bruce Bimber, PhD (Political Science)
Jennifer Gibbs, PhD (Communication)
Umesh Mishra, PhD (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Karen Myers, PhD (Communication)
Matthew Potoski, PhD (Bren School of Environmental Science and Management)
Ronald E. Rice, PhD (Communication)
Ambuj Singh, PhD (Computer Science, Biomolecular Science and Engineering Program)
Cynthia Stohl, PhD (Communication)
Sarah Thebaud, PhD (Sociology)
Rich Wolski, PhD (Computer Science)