UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara


The GGSE Student Affairs Office provides assistance to all undergraduate, credential, master’s, and doctoral candidates. Information may be obtained by calling (805) 893-2137. For information on the M.Ed. in Teaching, call (805) 893-2084.

The GGSE credential analyst provides information to prospective applicants and students in credential programs. Those interested in pursuing a teaching credential at UCSB should contact the credential analyst as soon as they begin to consider the teaching profession. Information about pre-credential advising meetings for prospective elementary or secondary teachers may be obtained from the Credential Services Office at (805) 893-2036.

Candidates who are pursuing both a credential and an advanced degree, other than the M.Ed. with an emphasis in teaching, should consult with both the GGSE Student Affairs Office and credential analyst. Advanced credential applicants may be considered for any degree program in the Department of Education. Those interested in emphases other than a Multiple or Single subject credential should contact the GGSE Student Affairs Office or the degree emphasis in which they are most interested.