UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Health Professions

Students who are preparing for careers in medicine and other health professions have traditionally found that UC Santa Barbara offers excellent academic and extracurricular opportunities that make them highly competitive applicants. Academic advising for pre-health students is available in the Pre-Professional Advising Office, located in 2105 North Hall. Working with pre-health advisors, students develop academic programs that meet admissions requirements and identify clinical and research opportunities that will help them explore their interest in medicine or other health careers and make them strong applicants. Students may consult with pre-health advisors on an appointment basis or during specified drop-in hours which are posted on the Health Science Advising website, healthsciences.duels.ucsb.edu, where they will find information about required courses, recommended schedules, various health careers, and clinical and research opportunities as well as information about health-related student organizations, including the Health Professions Association, UCSB Global Medical Brigade and Los Curanderos. Students should also make use of the resources available through UCSB’s Career Services, career.sa.ucsb.edu, as they explore careers outside of the health professions, such as in academia, research, and other industry-specific careers.

Health professions schools encourage applicants to develop a broad academic program with coursework in a variety of fields in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. While students should check individual schools for admission requirements, they can find courses generally recommended for admission to health profession programs at healthsciences.duels.ucsb.edu.