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Unit Requirement—College of Letters and Science

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In order to be eligible for graduation, students must complete at least the following: 180 total units (184 if General Education Area B is met by completing foreign language level 3 at UCSB or its equivalent at another college or university). At least 60 of these units must be upper division.

Students must earn a specified number of these units while in residence at UCSB. See residence information here for details. There is no limit on the number of courses that may be taken passed/not passed during a single quarter. However, at the time of graduation, students must have earned at least 120, or two-thirds, of their units at UCSB on a letter-grade basis.

Certain courses designated by the college as remedial are offered for work-load credit only, and do not figure in the calculation of the total number of units needed for a degree. In addition, professional courses, numbered 300-499, are not acceptable for credit toward the bachelor’s degree.