UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Regulations Applying to Campus Activities and Organizations

Campus Regulations Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations, and Students are available online at www.sa.ucsb.edu/Regulations. This document includes regulations relating to student activities.

The UCSB Student Conduct Code, which contains information about regulations relating to academic and behavioral misconduct and the application of related sanctions, is available online at www.sa.ucsb.edu/regulations/student-conduct-code/student-conduct-code.

Higher Education Opportunity Act

Information and disclosures relating to the Higher Education Opportunity Act can be found at the following website: www.sa.ucsb.edu/policies/UCSB_HEOA.aspx

Extension of Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction of campus regulations can be extended off-campus to include: physical abuse, threats of violence, arson-related offenses, or any conduct that threatens the health or safety of any persons (including DUI); sexual harassment; stalking; or hazing.

Allegations of misconduct against student organizations can be submitted to the Dean of Students Office by filling out this form and selecting "Student Organizational Misconduct."