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Extramural Funding

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There are numerous extramural fellowships available. In addition to gaining funding for graduate school, graduate students are encouraged to conduct a search of extramural funding resources as part of their professional training for life in academia. UCSB students have access to Pivot and Grant Forward, extramural funding source databases with search capabilities (along with instructions on how to conduct a search). Links to Pivot, Grant Forward and additional funding resources may be found through the Financial Support section at Throughout the academic year, the Graduate Division sponsors presentations that assist graduate students in conducting searches and writing applications for extramural funding. Please check the Graduate Division’s calendar of events for workshop information

The Davidson Library provides a variety of directories that describe sources of funding and research opportunities including fellowships, grants, internships, and jobs. Several useful references on proposal and resume preparation are also available.

For assistance with the search and application for extramural funding, consult under the Financial Support heading funding or contact the Peer Funding Advisor in the Graduate Division at For information on any other aspect of graduate student support, contact the Graduate Financial Support unit at