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UCSB Fellowships

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UCSB offers a variety of centrally administered fellowships for both new and continuing graduate students. Awards are made to students on the basis of academic merit and promise of productive scholarship. These fellowship packages are intended to advance the goals of increased excellence and diversity of the graduate research and training programs at UCSB. Some fellowships are multi-year packages that include a combination of fee and nonresident tuition payment, stipend support, and academic apprentice positions. Other fellowships are single-year packages that include stipend and fee payment. Additionally, various fellowships are available to provide support for research costs, payment of in-state fees, and support for students who are in the final stages of their dissertation preparation.

Some fellowships are available to graduate students based on eligibility criteria such as department, degree objective or citizenship/legal residency. Information regarding fellowships for both new and continuing students, along with a description of each support package, is available on the Graduate Division’s Web site at under the Financial Support heading.

In addition to the centrally administered fellowships, academic departments have their own funds available that they may use to recruit excellent new students and support continuing students. Departmental fellowship support can be in the form of fee payment, nonresident tuition payment, and stipends. Students should consult their academic department for additional information.