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Applying for Admission

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The first step in applying for admission to UCSB is to submit a University of California undergraduate application. Students should apply online, and the Application for Undergraduate Admission is available at UC’s website at

When to apply for admission. To ensure admission consideration, students should file their application during the appropriate filing period.

Quarter Filing Period
Winter 2023 July 1-31, 2022*
Spring 2023 October 1-31, 2022*
Fall 2023 November 1-30, 2022

*UCSB is typically not open to applications for the winter and spring quarters. Students should visit the UCSB website at to learn about the winter and spring quarter filing status.

Application restrictions. UCSB accepts applications from international students for fall quarter only. The University does not typically accept applications from senior-level applicants with 135 or more transferable quarter units or applicants who have already earned a Bachelor’s degree.

Conditions of admission. Applicants who receive an offer of admission must satisfy the conditions of admission. An offer of admission should be viewed as a contract that carries with it the student’s responsibility for completing all courses indicated on his or her application as “in progress” or “planned” and for maintaining the level of performance reported in the application. Admission to UC Santa Barbara is subject to cancellation if: