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International Baccalaureate Credit and Chart

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Students who earn scores of 5, 6, or 7 on International Baccalaureate (IB) Higher Level (HL) Examinations taken before high school graduation will receive 8 units of credit toward graduation at UCSB for each such test completed with the required scores, provided official scores are submitted to the Office of Admissions. Students who complete the IB diploma with a score of 30 or above will receive 6 quarter units in addition to the units earned for individual Higher Level exams (effective S20). The university does not grant credit for Standard Level (SL) exams. The application of this credit to the General Education requirements and course equivalents for these exams are listed below.

Students should be advised that college courses taken before or after attending UC may duplicate AP, IB and/or A Level examinations. Additionally, exams may duplicate each other (for example, an AP or IB exam in the same subject area). If the student does duplicate an exam with another exam of the same subject content, and/or an exam with a college course, we will award credit only once.

Note: International Baccalaureate credit earned prior to entering the university will not be counted toward maximum unit limitations either for selection of a major or for graduation.

IB Higher Level (HL) Exam with score of 5, 6, or 7
Units Awarded General Education Credit
UCSB Course Equivalent (You may not enroll in these courses for credit at UCSB.)
Biology 8 **C: 1 course EEMB 22, MCDB 20
Business Management 8 None None
Chemistry 8 **C: 1 course# None
Computer Science 8 **C: 1 course# Computer Science 8
Dance 8 None None
Economics 8 D: 2 courses Economics 1, 2
English A: Literature or English A: Language and Literature
With score of 5
8 Entry Level Writing Requirement Writing 1, 1E
With score of 6
8 A1
Writing 1, 1E, 2, 2E, 2LK
With score of 7
8 A1, A2
Writing 1, 1E, 2, 2E, 2LK, 50, 50E
English B 8 None None
Film 8 None None
Geography 8 D: 1 course None
Global Politics 8 D: 1 course None
History8E: 1 course^ 
History of Africa 8 D: 1 course+ 
History of the Americas 8 D: 1 course 
History of Asia and Oceania 8 D: 1 course+ 
History of Europe and the Middle East
8 D: 1 course^ 
Languages other than English (if not listed separately)
8 **B See department for level placement
Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches (S21 only)
8 **C: 1 course#
Mathematics 2A, 3A, 34A, or equivalent
Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches (beginning S22)
8 **C: 2 courses#
Mathematics 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 34A, 34B, or equivalent
Mathematics (last offered F20)
8 **C: 2 courses#
Mathematics 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 34A, 34B, or equivalent
Mathematics, Further (last offered S20) 8 None None
Music 8 F: 1 course None
Philosophy 8 E: 1 course None
Physics 8 **C: 1 course# Physics 10
Psychology 8 D: 1 course None
Social and Cultural Anthropology 8 D: 1 course Anthropology 2
Spanish A
With score of 5 or 6
8 **B Spanish 1-6
With score of 7
8 **B
Spanish 1-6, 16A
Spanish B
With score of 5
8 **B Spanish 1-4
With score of 6
8 **B
Spanish 1-5
With score of 7
8 **B
Spanish 1-6
Theatre 8 F: 1 course None
Visual Arts 8 F: 1 course None

NOTE: UC will not award credit for the IB HL Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations exam.
# course also satisfies the Quantitative Relationships Requirement          
+ course also satisfies the World Cultures Requirement
^ course also satisfies the European Traditions Requirement
** College of Letters and Science only