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UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Unit Requirement for Graduation

A minimum of 180 quarter units is required for graduation. (Some students in the College of Letters and Science will need at least 184 units to graduate; see General Education Requirements, Area B—Foreign Language for details.) Some majors in the College of Engineering require more than 180 units (See individual majors in the College of Engineering section). These units must be distributed according to the requirements set forth by the faculty of the various colleges, as explained in the following sections of this catalog and in the publications of the colleges.

The acceptability of transfer courses for unit credit is determined by the Office of Admissions. For transfer work to be applied to a student's record, official transcripts must be received before the degree is awarded. Transcripts received after the degree is awarded will not be evaluated and credit will not be awarded.

The applicability of such courses toward specific requirements is determined by the college deans and/or department chairs.