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UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Undergraduate Major Directory

For a list of minors offered, please see: Undergraduate Minors.

Please note: Concentrations do not appear on transcripts or diplomas. Emphases appear only on transcripts (not on diplomas).

College of Creative Studies

Art B.A.
Biology B.A.
Chemistry/Biochemistry B.A., B.S.
Computing B.S.
Marine Science B.A.
Mathematics B.A., B.S.
Music—Composition B.A.
Physics B.A., B.S.
Writing and Literature B.A.

College of Engineering

Chemical Engineering B.S.
Computer Engineering B.S.
Computer Science B.S.
Electrical Engineering B.S.
Mechanical Engineering B.S.

College of Letters and Science

Actuarial Science B.S.
Anthropology B.A.
Anthropology—Archaeology Emphasis B.A.
Anthropology—Cultural Emphasis B.A.
Anthropology—Biological Emphasis B.A.
Applied Mathematics B.S.
Aquatic Biology B.S. **
Art B.A.
Asian American Studies B.A.
Asian Studies B.A.
Biochemistry B.S.
Biochemistry-Molecular Biology B.S. **
Biological Sciences B.A. **
Biological Sciences B.S. **
Biopsychology B.S. **
Black Studies B.A.
Cell and Developmental Biology B.S. **
Chemistry B.A. **
Chemistry B.S. ** 
Chicana and Chicano Studies B.A.
Chinese B.A.
Chinese—High Proficiency Track B.A.
Classics—Classical Archaeology Emphasis B.A.
Classics—Classical Language & Literature Emphasis B.A.
Classics—Greek & Roman Emphasis B.A.
Communication B.A. **
Comparative Literature—Foreign Language Emphasis B.A.
Comparative Literature—Interdisciplinary Emphasis B.A.
Dance B.A.
Dance B.F.A.
Earth Science B.A. **
Earth Science—Geology Emphasis B.S. **
Earth Science—Climate & Environment Emphasis B.S. **
Earth Science—Geohydrology Emphasis B.S. **
Earth Science—Geophysics Emphasis B.S. **
Earth Science—Paleobiology Emphasis B.S. **
Ecology and Evolution B.S. **
Economics & Accounting BA **
Economics B.A. **
English B.A.
Environmental Studies B.A.
Environmental Studies B.S. 
Feminist Studies B.A.
Film and Media Studies B.A.**
Financial Mathematics and Statistics B.S. **
French B.A.
Geography B.A.
Geography—Geographic Information Science Emphasis B.A.
Physical Geography B.S.
Physical Geography—Ocean Science Emphasis B.S.
German B.A.
Global Studies B.A.**
History B.A.
History of Public Policy and Law B.A.
History of Art and Architecture B.A.
History of Art and Architecture—Architecture and Environment Emphasis B.A.
History of Art and Architecture—Museum Studies Emphasis B.A.
Hydrologic Sciences and Policy—Biology and Ecology Emphasis B.S.
Hydrologic Sciences and Policy—Physical & Chemical Policy Emphasis B.S.
Hydrologic Sciences and Policy—Policy Emphasis B.S.
Individual B.A. * 
Interdisciplinary Studies B.A. *
Italian Studies B.A.
Japanese B.A.
Japanese—High Proficiency Track B.A.
Language, Culture & Society B.A.
Latin American and Iberian Studies B.A.
Linguistics B.A.
Linguistics—Chinese Emphasis B.A.
Linguistics—English Emphasis B.A.
Linguistics—French Emphasis B.A.
Linguistics—German Emphasis B.A.
Linguistics—Japanese Emphasis B.A.
Linguistics—Language and Speech Technologies Emphasis B.A.
Linguistics—Slavic Emphasis B.A.
Linguistics—Spanish Emphasis B.A.
Linguistics—Speech-Language Sciences & Disorders Emphasis B.A.
Mathematics  B.S. **
Mathematics B.A. **
Medieval Studies B.A.
Microbiology B.S. **
Middle East Studies B.A.
Music—Bassoon Emphasis B.M.
Music—Cello Emphasis B.M.
Music—Clarinet Emphasis B.M.
Music—Composition Emphasis B.M.
Music—Double Bass Emphasis B.M.
Music—Flute Emphasis B.M.
Music—French Horn Emphasis B.M.
Music—Oboe Emphasis B.M.
Music—Percussion Emphasis B.M.
Music—Piano Emphasis B.M.
Music—Trombone Emphasis B.M.
Music—Trumpet Emphasis B.M.
Music—Tuba Emphasis B.M.
Music—Viola Emphasis B.M.
Music—Violin Emphasis B.M.
Music—Voice Emphasis B.M.
Music Studies B.A.
Music Studies—Ethnomusicology Emphasis B.A. 
Music Studies—Interdisciplinary Studies of Music Emphasis B.A.
Music Studies—Western Art Music Emphasis B.A 
Pharmacology B.S. **
Philosophy—Core Philosophy, B.A.
Philosophy—Ethics & Public Policy, B.A.
Physics B.A.
Physics B.S. 
Physiology B.S. **
Political Science B.A. ** 
Portuguese B.A.
Psychological & Brain Sciences B.S. ** 
Religious Studies B.A.
Renaissance Studies B.A.
Russian & East European Studies B.A.
Sociology B.A. **
Spanish B.A.
Statistics and Data Science B.A.
Statistics and Data Science B.S.
Theater—Acting B.F.A.
Theater B.A.
Zoology B.S. **
* Declaration of the Individual and Interdisciplinary Studies majors is subject to the approval of the Executive Committee of the College of Letters and Science.
** Admission to this major is contingent upon successful completion of all courses in preparation for the major with the designated grade-point average. Students who are completing these preparatory requirements will have "pre-major" status.