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UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Medieval Studies

Division of Humanities and Fine Arts
Department of History
Humanities and Social Sciences 5058
Executive Director: Edward D. English


Medieval studies is an interdisciplinary program in which European and Middle Eastern civilizations of the Middle Ages can be explored from the viewpoints of many traditional subject areas: history, literature, religious studies, drama, art, and music. The student can build a program around one or two of these disciplines, enriched by the others, or organize a program in which several subject fields are more or less balanced. In order to enhance the interdisciplinary nature of the major, the Medieval Studies Program has designed a series of cross-listed courses that will put students in touch with a number of medievalists both at UCSB and in the larger scholarly community. Each year at least one upper-division course from another department that fulfills the requirements of the medieval studies major will be cross-listed as Medieval Studies 100 (A-Z). The instructor of that course will invite at least one professor from another UCSB department to guest teach a class; and the students will have the opportunity to attend a mini-conference, in which visiting scholars will give lectures on research topics relating to the subject of the course.

Each year a series of lectures by distinguished medievalists from other universities in America and Europe, representing various disciplines, provides fresh intellectual perspectives for undergraduate medieval studies majors as well as candidates for graduate degrees in medieval history, literature, art, and music. In addition, undergraduate, graduate, and faculty medievalists meet periodically to hear and discuss scholarly papers and to exchange ideas about the many facets of medieval culture.

The UCSB Medieval Studies Program operates in close cooperation with the Medieval Academy of America, the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Center at UCLA, the International Congress on Medieval Studies, and the Renaissance Society of America.

Students with a bachelor’s degree in medieval studies who are interested in pursuing a California Teaching Credential should contact the credential advisor in the Graduate School of Education as soon as possible.

Medieval Studies Advisory Committee

Debra G. Blumenthal, Ph.D. (History)
Heather Blurton, Ph.D. (English), Advisory Committee Chair for 2010-2011
Cynthia J. Brown
, Ph.D. (French and Italian)
Jody Enders
, Ph.D. (French and Italian)
Edward D. English
, Ph.D. (History)
Sharon Farmer
, Ph.D. (History)
L.O. Aranye Fradenburg
, Ph.D. (English)
Carol L. Lansing
, Ph.D. (History)
Carol Braun Pasternack
, Ph.D. (English)
Harvey L. Sharrer
, Ph.D. (Spanish and Portuguese)