UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Computer Science - Engineering

Department of Computer Science, Harold Frank Hall, Room 2104;
Telephone (805) 893-4321
Web site: www.cs.ucsb.edu
Chair: Tevfik Bultan
Vice Chair: Chandra Krintz
Vice Chair: Ben Hardekopf

Divyakant Agrawal, PhD, State University of New York, Stonybrook, Professor (distributed systems and databases)
Prabhanjan Ananth, PhD, UC Los Angeles, Assistant Professor (cryptography, complexity, security)
Jonathan Balkind, Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Belding, PhD, UC Santa Barbara, Professor (mobile wireless networking, network performance monitoring and evaluation, Information and Communications Technology for Development (ICTD), computing for social good)
Michael Beyeler, PhD, UC Irvine, Assistant Professor (visual computing; computational neuroscience; applied AI; human-computer interaction; virtual/augmented reality) Joint Appointment: PSY
Tevfik Bultan, PhD, University of Maryland, Professor (software verification, program analysis, software engineering, and computer security)
Shiyu Chang, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Assistant Professor (machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision)
Phill Conrad, PhD, University of Delaware, Senior Lecturer SOE (computer science education, software engineering education) Joint Appointment: CRSTU
Yufei Ding, PhD, North Carolina State University, Assistant Professor (programming systems, compiler and architecture, machine learning system, quantum computing system)
Amr El Abbadi, PhD, Cornell University, Professor (Information and data management; distributed systems and cloud computing)
Yu Feng, PhD, University of Texas at Austin, Assistant Professor (programming languages, program verification, program analysis, program synthesis, data visualization, and software security)
Frederic Gibou, PhD, UC Los Angeles, Professor (High resolution multi-scale simulation, scientific computing, tools and software for computational science and engineering, engineering applications? to "High resolution multiscale simulation and data analysis of multiphase flows, high temperature materials, biosystems) Joint Appointment: ME
Arpit Gupta, PhD, Princeton University, Assistant Professor (last-mile networks, network measurements/analytics/ML systems, digital equity solutions)
Trinabh Gupta, PhD, University of Texas, Austin, Assistant Professor (operating systems, security, and privacy)
Ben Hardekopf, PhD, University of Texas, Austin, Professor (programming languages: design, analysis, and implementation)
Tobias Hollerer, PhD, Columbia University, Professor (human computer interaction; augmented reality; virtual reality; visualization; computer graphics; 3D displays and interaction; wearable and ubiquitous computing)
Kate Kharitonova, PhD, University of Arizona, Lecturer Potential SOE (Computer Science education, Data Science, Computer Vision and Machine Learning)
Chandra Krintz, PhD, UC San Diego, Professor (programming systems, dynamic and adaptive program analysis and optimization, Internet of Things (IOT), web services, distributed systems, cloud computing)
Christopher Kruegel, PhD, Vienna University of Technology, Professor (computer security, program analysis, operating systems, network security, malicious code analysis and detection)
Lei Li, PhD, Carnegie Mellon University, Assistant Professor (machine learning and data mining, natural language processing, machine translation, AI drug discovery)
Daniel Lokshtanov, PhD, University of Bergen, Professor (Algorithms, Complexity, Graph Theory, Combinatorics)
Ziad Matni, PhD, Rutgers University, Lecturer Potential SOE (Computer Science education, Data Science, Computational Social Science)
Diba Mirza, PhD, UC San Diego, Lecturer SOE (Computer Science Education, Embedded Systems, Computer Architecture)
Linda Petzold, PhD, University of Illinois, Professor (modeling, simulation and data analysis of multiscale systems in systems biology, engineering and medicine) Joint Appointment: ME
Timothy Sherwood, PhD, UC San Diego, Professor (computer architecture, secure hardware, superconducting accelerators, embedded systems, program analysis and characterization)
Ambuj Singh, PhD, University of Texas, Professor (machine learning and data mining, network science, social networks, databases, bioinformatics, chemoinformatics) Joint Appointment: BMSE
Misha Sra, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Assistant Professor (human computer interaction; augmented reality; virtual reality; spatial interaction design; haptics, applied AI)
Jianwen Su, PhD, University of Southern California, Professor (data management, business workflow management, and complex event processing)
Subhash Suri, PhD, Johns Hopkins University, Professor (algorithms, computational geometry, networked sensing, data streams, game theory)
Giovanni Vigna, PhD, Politecnico di Milano, Professor (computer and network security, vulnerability analysis and security testing, web security, smartphone security, cybercrime, malware detection)
Eric Vigoda, PhD, UC Berkeley, Professor (randomized algorithms, MCMC algorithms, statistical physics phase transitions)
Richert Wang, Lecturer SOE (computer science education, computer networks, distributed systems) Joint Appointment: CRSTU
William Wang, PhD, Carnegie Mellon University, Associate Professor (machine learning, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, data science)
Yuan-Fang Wang, PhD, University of Texas, Austin, Professor (machine learning, computer vision, artificial intelligence)
Yu-Xiang Wang, Assistant Professor
Rich Wolski, PhD, UC Davis, Professor (cloud computing, high-performance distributed computing, computational grids, and computational economies for resource allocation and scheduling)
Lingqi Yan, Assistant Professor (computer graphics)
Xifeng Yan, PhD, University of Illinois, Urbana, Professor (data mining, data management, machine learning, bioinformatics, information networks)
Tao Yang, PhD, Rutgers University, Professor (parallel and distributed systems, internet search and high performance computing)

Emeriti Faculty
Kevin Almeroth, PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology
Peter Cappello, PhD, Princeton University
Omer Egecioglu, PhD, UC San Diego
John Gilbert, PhD, Stanford University
Teo Gonzalez, PhD, University of Minnesota
Oscar Ibarra, PhD, UC Berkeley
Dick Kemmerer, PhD, UC Los Angeles
Terry Smith, PhD, Johns Hopkins University (spatial data processing, spatial analysis, spatial databases, knowledge-based approaches to geographic information systems) Joint Appointment: GEOG
Matthew Turk, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Joint Appointment: MAT
Wim van Dam, PhD, University of Amsterdam Joint Appointment: PHYS

Affiliated Faculty
Francesco Bullo, PhD (Mechanical Engineering)
Katie Byl, PhD (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Shivkumar Chandrasekaran, PhD (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Miguel Eckstein, PhD (Psychological and Brain Sciences)
B. S. Manjunath, PhD (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Nina Miolane (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Yao Qin (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Pradeep Sen, PhD (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Simon Todd, PhD (Linguistics)
Zheng Zhang, PhD (Electrical and Computer Engineering)