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UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Graduate Class Level

In addition to full-time status, the instructional and fellowship funding that UC Santa Barbara receives for graduate education is dependent upon the class level of enrolled graduate students as determined by the Office of the Registrar. For this reason, it is crucial that students and Graduate Advisors are aware not only of the departmental time-to-degree standards, but also the Registrar's class level designations. The graduate class levels employed by the Registrar are:

  • Post-baccalaureate student holds a baccalaureate degree and the sole degree objective is a teacher education credential
  • Master's degree objective is academic or professional master's, certification credential, non-doctoral first professional degree (e.g., M.F.A.), or no degree objective. This includes students enrolled in joint master's and teacher education credential programs, but not students whose sole objective is a teacher credential

Doctoral Levels

  • P1 status: Academic or professional doctorate degree objective, but not advanced to candidacy
  • P2 status: Academic or professional doctorate degree objective, has advanced to candidacy (can maintain P2 status for up to 9 quarters)
  • P3 status: After 9 registered quarters as P2 status, student goes into P3 status

These class level designations are of particular importance because they are used by the Graduate Division to determine eligibility for financial support.