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Writing Program

Writing Program
Division of Humanities and Fine Arts
South Hall 1401, 1510-1523 and Girvetz 1306-1325 (Faculty Offices)
South Hall 3400 Suite (Advising & Administrative Offices)
Telephone: (805) 893-2613
Program Director: Linda Adler-Kassner, Ph.D.


The UCSB Writing program offers lower- and upper-division general education writing classes, as well as a Professional Writing minor. The goal of the Writing Program’s lower- and upper-division courses is to foster students’ abilities to contribute, in writing, to ongoing work in academic disciplines, professional contexts, and public life.

In lower-division classes, students learn to analyze the expectations of academic audiences in the university and to develop critical thinking, writing, reading, and research strategies to meet those expectations. Lower-division courses include Writing 1 (Approaches to Academic Writing), which fulfills the Entry Level Writing Requirement; Writing 2 (Academic Writing), Writing 2E (for students in the College of Engineering), and Writing 2LK (sections of Writing 2 linked to large lecture courses), all of which fulfill the General Education Area A1 requirement; and Writing 50 (Writing and the Research Process), which fulfills the General Education Area A2 requirement.

In upper-division courses, students focus on developing critical writing, reading, research, and analysis within more focused contexts. All upper-division courses fulfill the General Education Area A2 requirement. The Writing Program offers a variety of upper-division courses within three broad categories:

Writing 105 courses focus on analysis of and practice with interdisciplinary academic writing. Courses include Multimedia Writing, Grammar and Stylistics, and Writing and Rhetoric.

Writing 107 courses focus on analysis of and practice with professional and technical writing. Courses include Business and Administrative Writing, Writing for Accounting, Magazine Writing, and Technical Writing.

Writing 109 courses focus on analysis of and practice with writing in specific disciplines. Courses include Writing for the Social Sciences, Writing for Environmental Studies, and Writing for the Visual Arts.

The Writing Program also offers a Professional Writing minor. In the minor, UCSB undergraduates expand their abilities to communicate in diverse contexts in two capstone courses and a writing internship during their senior year.

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