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Earth Science

Division of Mathematics, Life, and Physical Sciences
Webb Hall, Room 1006
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Department Chair: Andy Wyss

Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Arts—Earth Science (Requirements - PDF)

The Bachelor of Arts, Earth Science is almost identical to that of the Bachelor of Science in Earth Science. The Bachelor of Arts program offers more flexibility in that it has fewer required courses, and allow for more elective courses.

Bachelor of Science—Earth Science—Climate and Environment Emphasis (Requirements - PDF)

Climate and environment science emphasizes an integrated view of the Earth as a dynamically linked system. Students in this major take traditional geology courses while also pursuing course work in related disciplines, such as ocean, atmospheric, and Earth-surface sciences. The program provides broad preparation for both post-baccalaureate employment (especially in environmental fields) and graduate studies in geosciences.

Bachelor of Science—Earth Science—Geohydrology Emphasis (Requirements - PDF)

Geohydrology is the study of the movement of water through geologic material and the resulting interactions with a focus on Earth surface processes.

Bachelor of Science—Earth Science—Geology Emphasis (Requirements - PDF)

Geological science is the study of the Earth—of its rocks, minerals and records of ancient life, and of the physical, chemical and biological processes, past and present, at work in the Earth’s interior, on its surface, and within its envelope of water and air. An applied science, geoscience draws from a number of disciplines, mixing the practical with the theoretical.

Bachelor of Science—Earth Science—Geophysics Emphasis (Requirements - PDF)

Geophysics focuses on a quantitative and physical interpretation of Earth processes. Students in Geophysics take more courses in math and physics and fewer courses in Earth materials and geologic field methods than do students in Earth Science.

Bachelor of Science—Earth Science—Paleobiology Emphasis (Requirements - PDF)

Paleobiology is the study of fossils as evidence for the patterns and processes of evolution over geological time. Fossils embody some, but not all, of the traits of the animals they represent. The paleobiologist seeks to understand the geological context in which a fossil is found and to interpret the biology of the fossil from a sound knowledge of living organisms. Students in paleobiology take most of the traditional Geology courses in addition to their coursework in biology and related fields.

Pre-Earth Science (Requirements - PDF)

Minor—Earth Science (Requirements - PDF)